February – my year starts here!

So I am finally putting one of my dreams into motion, blog writing! I’ve read articles, studied pinterest on how to do it but am still none the wiser so thought I’d JUST DO IT and see what happens.

Hello February!! normally a miserable month for most due to dark, wet, foggy, cold days but for my family and I it is a welcome relief after January. A new year bereavement of a very special person followed by a 30 day wait for the funeral had left us feeling down and washed out. Time to leave that behind.

February is the last month of winter right? March brings feelings of spring, awakenings and longer days – we are nearly there, its coming…… !!!

February for me, this year, is about resetting, self care and health. For those who know me, i like to maintain a healthy diet (most of the time but i am human) and I like to exercise  but smoothies, juices etc are not my thing, green juice?? come on is there really a nice one??

However for the last week, I have befriended my nutribullet, stocked the fridge with veggies and ‘thrown together’ some blends. Each day they are different (even though I use the same veggies) but surprise surprise I like them, yay!! adding matcha powder and super greens gives them a boost and hey presto nourishment in a glass.

I have also decided to up the exercise cut refined sugar and alcohol so all being well as we enter March I should be feeling like a spring chicken……..