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Let’s talk about REFLEXOLOGY!

Reflexology, what a fantastic treatment it is. Acting as the client or the therapist, reflexology is quite possibly my most favourite treatment and recently I have achieved some excellent results which I would like to share. Consent was obtained from my clients although I will not be disclosing their identities for purposes of confidentiality.

So, what is reflexology?

Reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and improve function of the body based on the theory that there are reflex points on the hands, feet and head linked to every part of the body. Energy flows in zones (or meridians) throughout the body and reflexologists specify that there are 10 zones which run the length of the body head to toe, five on each foot. It works by maintaining homeostasis (balance, equilibrium, natural functioning of the body systems).

Effects of Stress:

Excessive stress disrupts the balance, knocking out the equilibrium. The stress reaction is a primitive response to the perception of a dangerous or threatening situation preparing us for ‘fight or flight’. We are continuously subjected to stress, yet we have no where to ‘run’. Our bodies however, still respond in the same way.

Adrenaline and cortisol are produced by the adrenal glands causing the body to increase heart rate, slow down the digestive system and other physical reactions in preparation of what’s to come, yet often we do nothing which results in us repressing the feeling. Cortisol levels can build within the body causing hypertension, increased blood sugar, carbohydrate cravings, increased weight gain etc We become accustomed to the increase in cortisol, functioning ‘normally’, and so the cycle begins again. Reflexology can calm all the body systems regulating hormone production therefore maintaining homeostasis.

Benefits of reflexology!

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved circulation
  • Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
  • Balances the whole system
  • Revitalises energy
  • Preventative health

Recently, clients looking to seek out alternatives to medicine have contacted me as they have come to a road block with their treatments. I will add, at this point, that I view holistic treatments as COMPLEMENTARY to medicine not as an alternative.

Chronic pain is a particular issue. Two ladies, with different problems who have had everything from MRI scans, Physiotherapy and surgery have now been told that there is nothing further that can be done and have been referred to the chronic pain team for medication management. With this they see a lifetime of drugs and pain and were both also being treated for depression. They each had 6 treatments of reflexology and saw a reduction in pain and elevation of mood and now have monthly treatments regularly.

A young woman with a ten year diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease approached me asking initially about slowing down disease progression. Being unfamiliar with this I researched the subject and found that other reflexologists had experienced good results. We decided on a combination treatment of reflexology and crystal chakra balancing and after one session she did not require medication for 36 hours and following that only twice a day for the next four weeks.

I have seen a young girl with chronic fatigue syndrome, who was taking morphine and could barely get out of bed. She has had a fantastic result since receiving reflexology. She no longer requires morphine and says that she feels like she’s had some following a session, I told her she could make me extremely wealthy if she told everyone that (ha ha). She is feeling energised, is able to get up earlier and is studying for her imminent A levels.

Another recent success is someone being treated for fertility issues, who saw a marked improvement of egg growth when scanned following a reflexology treatment. At the other end of the scale, a client who after starting reflexology at 37 weeks pregnant delivered her baby 6 days early.

Honestly these resultsĀ  are thrilling and definitely make me feel like I am doing something worth while. Seeing clients with a range of conditions means that I have to constantly update, learn about their issues and the body systems affected so that I can deliver the best treatment possible. And aside all of that, if you just need to relax and distress and zone out of the events of your day, an hour in my chair will get you there .