Nurture You

Welcome to Nurture You!! My name is Bree! I am a 40 year old mother of 3 and am married to a wonderful man. I have been a complimentary therapist for 18 years and am constantly on a quest to bring health, fitness, happiness and wellbeing to all.  People have a responsibility to maintain their own health. There is no magic fix, no special potion. We have a choice how we treat our bodies, whether or not we exercise and what we eat. Its not as difficult as we think! Looking after ourselves is a necessity, especially as the healthcare system is failing currently (don’t get me started on that – I am also an NHS nurse).

It is custom in the East to incorporate massage and reflexology into every day life and not view it as a treat as a resolution for when we are stressed or unwell. We all have a responsibility to cherish our body, mind and spirit! It is my aim to help you!!

At Nurture You we offer a range of accessible and affordable treatments to help you to stay well and enable you to live the life you choose!