Positive Changes – client feedback!

What fabulous feedback I received today…..

A client came to see me a month ago for reflexology. After taking a history, we identified that she couldn’t walk very far due to pains in her legs, had a diet containing a lot of salt, hardly drank water and felt generally rubbish.

We talked about her diet and I explained her how high salt intake coupled with low water intake affected the body on a cellular level and how it was possible that she had intermittent claudication pain (pain on walking) due to extreme cellular dehydration. I gave her reflexology which she enjoyed.

One month later! She has increased her water intake significantly, which wasn’t as hard as she thought. Overhauled her diet, including more fruits and vegetables and also eating regularly. She has lost a stone in weight,  has no pain on walking and feels that her energy levels have shot through the roof. She has even been told that she looks much younger than her age…..

Phenomenal! Now, whilst I cannot claim all the credit for her health improvement I can say that her session with me contributed to the positive changes that she made…..

This is why I do what I do…….Blooming love it…..!!