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March 30, 2020
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February 3, 2021

A Little Haven of Tranquility !

Wow! What a year 2020 turned out to be, not the best by anyone’s standards. An unknown virus unleashed on us all and the world is brought to its knees. I am not going to labour the discussion of the C word, you all read the news, we all have our opinion surrounding it, we are all at the mercy of politicians who can make or break us, we know all that.

What I want to talk about is us – people! Human beings currently living the most unusual existence.
Some of us are terrified, the media circus did a fabulous job of scaring us all to death, some of us are ‘fed up’ with it and want to get back to ‘normal’ and some are really struggling…..financially, mentally, physically.

I personally, experienced anxiety for the first time during lockdown. 44 years old and let me tell you, I own many of life’s t-shirts but I have never experienced anything like it.

Thankfully Nurture you is back up and running and we are really busy, Yet regardless of the aches and pains people present with, the most noticeable themes coming through from all my clients are exhaustion and melancholy. They are reporting that there is no fun in anything anymore, finding joy in things we previously took for granted, seems impossible.

Mask wearing and lack of social interaction has created a barrier between us all. We are humans, we exist through connection and communication. We need to see facial expression and animation so that we respond appropriately. We are known ‘up north’ for being friendly and warm natured but these imposed barriers have cooled the warmth. People turn away or cross the street when you pass by. I personally find that really difficult. I walked my dog the other day and decided to acknowledge each person i came across. There were 15 individuals, only 3 returned my ‘good morning’, 3? 7 did a half hearted smile/head down and the remaining 5 blatantly turned away. On return from the walk my initial thought was ‘f**k you’ as my mood was brought down.

In the midst of despair i pondered over what I could do. The Law of attraction states that ‘like brings like’. There is no wonder then if we are all resonating at this low vibration (globally) we can never turn this around. I cannot save the world, cure this virus or stabilise the stock market, but what I can do is raise the vibration of the people I come into contact with, which will then raise mine which will then create a ripple effect to everyone my clients come into contact with. Beginning with one individual at a time, we can do this collectively!!

This is where my ‘Little haven of tranquility’ comes in. My garden room of love and positivity. Not only is it a beautiful space, the energy in there is magical. The clients who have been say that it has a lovely feel to it. It is a safe space, for you to relax and unwind.

A client came for a sports massage last week and cried the whole way through the session, (and not from pain of massage for once), she had accumulated so much sadness and despair throughout the ‘pandemic’ that it all spilled over. She apologised for her tears but I was able to reassure her that she had a safe space to release giving her permission to do so. We talked at length about raising vibrations and she left me fully on board. Her small part was to acknowledge and greet everyone she came into contact with from then on. I am smiling as I type this because it really does work.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, fearful or disconnected, it is ok, you are not alone.

Seeking treatments like reflexology or massage, promote more than physical wellbeing. Emotional and spiritual release are equally important. Holistic treatments treat the WHOLE person, which is vital, especially during these crazy times.

We can all help each other if we spread a little love and positivity…….. And remember, if someone greets you in the street, acknowledge that greeting, whether you feel like it or not because you may just brighten someone’s day….yet more than that, you are helping to raise the vibrations for the good will of us all .

Much Love xxx