November 14, 2019
A Little Haven of Tranquility !
October 20, 2020

Corona pandemic, my thoughts, fears and actions!

Hey friends!

I have been quiet for a while, originally because I was so busy with all the lovely treatments I was giving to clients, my yoga and work at the hospital so social media and website info was way down the list. Now, thanks to a global pandemic I do have time …….

I wont lie, I have been struggling with the unfolding events in the world. I have been feeling quite low. Closing the doors to my lovely business really hit me hard, especially as I know my clients are all feeling anxious and NEED my treatments and after 3 years of hard work it was all beginning to pay off and my transition away from the NHS looked like it may happen. Now, the total opposite has happened and already I have worked extra shifts due to the strain of sickness on my co workers.

The media seem to be fueling fear and anxiety. All the focus is on the number of deaths, the lack of ventilators, the way that this virus is sweeping the globe, forcing us to stay in, Locked down, in fear of our lives……….. aarrggghhh!!! Perhaps it would be useful to shift the focus to the fact that there are millions who have not become ill despite exposure to it and that there are tens of thousands of people who have RECOVERED, my friend being one of them.

Being a nurse for 22 years and now becoming educated in Naturopathy and nutritional healing has filled my head with conflict and confusion. Of course being a conspiracy theorist also is not helping. The whole 5G debate is sending me over the edge but what I read is logical. We are not designed to function when exposed to such consistent high levels of radiation, so why is is being installed in my community whilst we are all ‘Locked down’. Is Covid-19 a distraction for the role out of 5G? This is not the debate for now!

We have long been told that you cannot catch a virus, so why is it spreading so fiercely? A virus is effectively a small packet of genes, chemically composed of RNA or DNA. Genes are the codes required by the cell to replicate and act as a blue print to for the production of proteins that determine the structure and function of each cell, (covid -19 is an RNA compound). A virus is a minute amount of this genetic material covered by a protective coat, much smaller than bacteria, however it exhibits NO qualities of living microbes unlike bacteria and fungus. Viruses are dependent on low temperatures and an acidic Ph.

Maybe we need to look at the level of toxicity that we are all living in, (soon to be increased by 5G). Our bodies are toxic, our behaviour is toxic and our thoughts and actions are toxic. We are destroying the planet through greed and expectation of everything being available. No one wants to wait for anything anymore. We are consumed by the need for NOW. Long gone is the joy of expectation or working for something then reaping reward. It is socially unacceptable to come second or heaven forbid lose at something, everybody wins. We have become lazy and inefficient. Toxicity creates acidity within the body, stress creates acidity within the body, fear creates acidity within the body and acidity in the body COMPROMISES the IMMUNE SYSTEM, we have become the perfect hosts for this virus.

So what can we do about it? The answer at the moment seemingly is very little. The greater powers of governments and world leaders are exerting their control which is having a direct effect on all of us, their greed and need for power is the most frightening disease of all. Using us as pawns in their games but they cannot control us as individuals. You still have the right to look after yourself and your own health. Stay away from the money making pharmaceuticals though and look at the natural remedies that are available. Why are nutritional healing and natural remedies so vilified? because you cannot make money from nature! There is no money to be made in well people, to me this seems the only explanation (here is where the naturopathy education comes into fruition)

So what practical measures can we take? We can look at some NATURAL protocols for viral activity and simple ways of cleaning up our bodies.

Raising our internal vibration will clear out toxic load. Meditate, do yoga, dance and sing, practice gratitude and kindness, anything that will lift our spirits and bring us joy.

Examine your diet. Switch to organic if you can, eliminate dairy, damaged fats and reduce sugar. Fill your plate with wholefoods, vegetables and fresh fruit. Drink 1.5-2 litres of good quality filtered water (tap water contains chemicals detrimental to health)

Fasting is a great way to alleviate stress from the body bringing good health, vitality and rejuvenation. It enables us to connect deeply and easily with spiritual and higher energies bringing about more focus, clarity and concentration.


High dose Vitamin C helps to reduce viral activity.

Sodium Bicarbonate (food grade) taken in water as a shot before bed will help lower the PH mantle reducing acidity.

Longols’ solution (iodine) taken daily in water will act as an internal disinfectant. Iodine is all found in kelp and sea vegetables)

Frankincense oil (food grade) acts as an antiviral and anti depressant. (Maya and doterra recommended brands)

Collodial silver also has antiviral and antibacterial properties. You can use this as a hand sanitiser and/or spray in front of the face to inhale to clean the nasal/oral passageways.

Really our best shot at avoiding this illness is to look after ourselves on our own basic level. Turn off the news (or seriously limit your exposure), eat well, find peace, take time out, recover, allow the Earth to recover, stay indoors, support your NHS, love your neighbours (albeit from a distance) and please stay safe.

Get in touch if you would line more information re nutritional healing and naturopathy, save the medicines for when you REALLY need them, not because you,re told you do! They can only control us if we let them !!

Much Love.

Bree xx