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December 31, 2018
November 14, 2019

Nutritional Healing

by Bree Parramore

Hey guys!!

I have finally commenced my Nutritional Healing course with the Foundation of Nutritional Healing! Blimey what a mind blowing experience it is!

The course began in October 2018 yet I have joined in January. I have spent my week of annual leave listening to lectures and catching up so at least I will be up to speed when I attend Manchester on Saturday. Obviously, the cohort has already bonded and are familiar with each other so I will need to integrate #newbie but I will be ok with that. Its weird listening to people speak and ask question,s associating a name to a voice without having any idea what they look like. I am looking forward to connecting with them.

I have already learned the importance of hydration. Yes we all know this it is common knowledge but do we really do it? I try to stick to 2 litres a day but rarely achieved it, yet since listening to the science and seeing how dehydration affects cells on a cellular level my outlook has completely changed. For the last week I have been consuming between 3 and 4 litres of water a day. I have moved from plastic bottles to a stainless steel and my awareness of ‘the plastic crisis’ is totally on full alert. I have sourced out our local @theunwrappedshop situated in Crookes, Sheffield (a fabulous concept I may add) and will consciously make an effort to aid in the plastic free quest.

As part of the course I have had to follow an alternative eating plan to what I normally do and elected to become vegan for a week, something I never thought I could do. Yet I have, with relative ease. Yes I have missed milk in a cuppa tea, alternatives just don’t cut it so I have abstained but I have successfully made my own almond milk which is delicious in porridge. Vegan food I have cooked has been totally delicious but I would stay away from cheese alternatives…. there is no alternative in my opinion. I have to say, I like meat and dairy products but find myself being conflicted again when I read the literature. I generally do not believe in restrictive diets or removing things so I will not be vegan completely but will definitely have more plant based meat/dairy free days. I have to say I do feel better, fact so things may change….watch this space!!!

Another source of conflict is vaccinations….. the philosophy of the course is totally anti-vaccine! I was frustrated listening to the audio lectures as I was unable to raise my thoughts/opinions and enter into discussion with my future classmates. This truly pushed my buttons as all of my children have been vaccinated, yet I choose NOT to have the flu vaccine…… I will leave this for now!

Finally, the topic of ancient naturopathic therapies for elimination is something I have really got my teeth into. Being a fan of colonic irrigation for ridding the body of toxic stagnant intestinal waste the suggestion of self enemas has not phased me. I have ordered my kit and cannot wait to get going. I have also commenced Castor oil packing for cleansing the liver which will be discussed at a later date.

So in conclusion, my first week (/3 months) has been extremely enlightening, challenging and exciting and I cannot wait to continue. I will update you as I go along.

Love, light and best wishes for now!!

Bree x