Happy New Year From Nurture You
December 31, 2018

The Positive Ageing Project

by Bree Parramore

The Positive ageing project – how did it manifest?

Whilst away on holiday recently, I was looking on Instagram at the VLOGs people were posting wondering why they annoyed me so much. Is it the content, self importance, what? Some people, lets face it, talk rubbish, claiming all sorts of things whilst others are interesting, so what is it and why does it affect me so much??? I realised that it was because I can’t do it, which then lead me to wonder why. I’m fairly intelligent, have studied lots and life experience wise, well, I think I have every T-shirt there is….. So what is my problem? Is it because I’m old? well older, not some young hot girl with VLOG appeal.

Ironically, I am much stronger, fitter and more capable, physically, emotionally and spiritually that I was when I was in my 20’s, yet looking in the mirror when you feel so good is well, a big bloody shock when the face looking back at you does not represent you!!!!

When I was younger, I was always complimented on my looks, (not being big headed here but I was) and then almost over night it seems that those compliments turned into: ‘you look good for your age’, ‘I hope I look as good as you when I’m your age’. Kind of a compliment, though not really right? – FOR YOUR AGE.

Right, so i’ll take action, bite the bullet and go for the botox injection, stop meaning and get on with it. I was talking to my beautician friend @CarlaHackettbeauty, who told me in no uncertain terms that I would not be doing that. I need some decent products and regular facials as my diet and exercise regimes were already in place. So I began thinking about ageing and decided to reassess in a year.

I see so many young girls having botox and fillers, girls in their 30’s, 20’s even and don’t get me wrong I tried it in my mid 30’s and it is easy to see how it can become an addiction because I did look fresher but I didn’t NEED it, neither do they. They are so blessed with beautiful wrinkle free skin and they do not realise what a difference 10 years will make and certainly 10 years after that.

Ageing is happening we cannot stop it but can we become empowered with it?

Lets face it, ageing is indeed a privilege as there are many who are not so lucky to experience it. So how can I turn around these feelings of despair and make them into something positive? The positive ageing project, of course. Education is key, knowledge is power right?? so I will learn about skin and the ageing process, look into products and different ways to improve skin. Look at nutrition and exercise and examine ways to improve this body I live in.

I always talk about my business, Nurture you…. to nurture, we all need to nurture ourselves!! Hopefully as this project develops, I will find he confidence to feel better and change the way I think. To stop comparing myself to younger girls with feelings of inadequacy and embrace the skin I am in.

After creating this project in my mind, I very bravely videoed myself talking about it, whilst I was sat on a beach in my bikini ha ha, I haven’t posted the said video nor will I but it was a huge hurdle and I challenged a massive fear, yes I felt daft and I was shaking for about 20 minutes afterwards (my husband thought I had gone mad ha ha) but I did it and who knows, by the end of this project I may be VLOGing all over the place ……

Much love,

B x