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February 14, 2021

Sole to Soul!

More than a foot rub..

When was the last time you had your feet rubbed? Whether its after a long day at work, a sporting event or even a day shopping at Meadowhall, a foot rub is the most glorious thing!

But did you know, that by incorporating specialised techniques, a simple foot rub can become a wellbeing boosting treat! Based on an ancient form of Chinese hand and foot therapy, Reflexology is a healing system that will treat the whole body – mind by manipulating specific accupressure areas on your feet (and hands).

How it works!

The feet are a ‘terminal map’ of the whole body. Applying pressure to certain parts of your feet may bring about a corresponding effect on that area of the body. It is suggested that reflexology works through the nervous system, with peripheral nerves signalling the brain to reduce tension/pain elsewhere in the body. Another theory is that it works similar to acupuncture by helping to remove blocked energy (Qi)

Over the year’s I have helped people with insomnia, relieved migraines, helped to reduce anxiety, treated people through trauma, improve digestion related issues and regualte periods.

Fertility and pregnancy

Treating couples with fertility problems is extremeley rewarding. Reflexology in pregnancy is fantastic

Reflexology is a fantastic treatment in pregnancy. Many of my clients find that it helps with back pain, oedema, nausea, anxiety and a general sense of wellbeing. Induction of labour can be supported by reflexology too, my most recent client giving birth the day after her treatment 2 days ahead of her hospital induction.

Here is a short sequence you can try on yourself at home to relieve tension and promote relaxation:

  • Sit comfortably and rest one foor above the knee of the other leg, ankle flexed. Gently massage the whole foot, then working from the inner ankle bone to the inside edge of the big toe, walk the thumb upwards – repeat two or three times.
  • Rotate the big toe and then use the thumb to walk up the big toe pad in vertical lines
  • Move then to the underside of the little toe joint and work the area of the shoulder reflex
  • Finally use the thumb to press and hold the point on the inside edge of the ball of the foot inline with the 2nd toe


For further information about reflexology please contact me: hello@nurtureyousheffield.co.uk